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Legend of the Seals and their Keepers
According to the legend, the ancient Babylonian magicians, having studied the nature and characteristics of the ministering spirits, were able to control their forces, opening or closing access to the manifested world for them.
We have already discussed that the Tradition of the Solomon Cycle that divides the firmament into 72 kiners and assigns a Genius and a Demon to each kiner also describes the Seals that have authority over the Spirits of the Copper Jar.
What does the Legend of this Cycle says?
The four Great Rulers of the cardinal points control the Keeners and Spirits. Magician who has taken their place and has embodied their power can effectively command powerful forces.

It should be noted that although Demons are balanced by Geniuses, real activity in movement of corresponded streams belongs to “Demons”. This is due to the fact that Geniuses while being the evolving aspect of the involutionary tourbillion, that is, its ascending flow, doesn’t have their own internal movement, and are arise as biner analog to descending stream, devoid of their own substantial existence.

I would like to emphasise once again that the considered biner is not formed along the “Demons-Angels” axis because in this case we are talking about different manifestations of the same process: Solomon's cycle calls "Angels" Direct Descending tourbillons, and "Demons" – the Reverse Ascending tourbillons. In this sense, the Demons are not balanced by the Angels, they oppose them, and this opposition is in a state of dynamic equilibrium, in which activity, of course, comes from Direct tourbillons. That’s why the Solomon Cycle (especially the "Testament of Solomon") calls demons "manifestations" of Angels, their "subordinates."
Biner Demons-Geniuses - emerge from one stream and therefore this forces are balanced, mutually compensated. In this sense, it is logical to regard the "demon" not so much as a "fallen angel", but rather as a "distorted genius."

In other words, the Power of Angels subdues but does not control the Demons, while the Power of Geniuses allows the usage and redirection of demonic tourbillons, or, in fact, provides the ability to master the manifested world

Therefore, it is not surprising that for centuries the compilation of the Names of these Geniuses was one of the favourite activities of magicians, true priests and pseudo-Kabbalists, who compiled tables of these names - "Shemhamforash" based on the biblical book "Exodus". The word "Shemhamforash" (derived from the Hebrew "Shem-a-Mephorash", which translates either "Son of the Name" or "Name Explained") was used to refer to the Secret Name of God, the pronunciation of which gave power over the Universe.
According to the legend, the ancient Babylonian magicians, having studied the nature and characteristics of the ministering spirits, were able to control their forces, opening or closing access to the manifested world for them.

Having discovered that over time the onslaught of involutive, “qlippothic” forces on our world intensifies (as the amount of awareness in it increases), they thought about the possibility of strengthening its borders.

Realising that the uncontrolled access of completely involutive entities to the manifested world leads to its destruction, they learned to balance the power of each "Demon" with the influence of the corresponding "Genius", and for this purpose they created 72 auxiliary tourbillons with an anchor point in the so-called Seals, and to give them vitality they integrated these tourbillons into human ones.
Thus, 72 Lines of the Keepers of the Seals were created, each Line was simultaneously correlated with the corresponding kiner and was largely universal, because, by entering through its kiner into the general system, Line got the opportunity to correct it.

The seals that have come down to us, for example, in the interpretation of Mathers, and well known from modern editions of the Lemegeton, are an attempt to get closer to their original images, but centuries of stylisation, redrawing and rethinking have made them almost unrecognisable.

However, even in this form, they have not lost the ability to be the anchor points of the Equilibrium tourbillions, which still allow the use of the power of 72 Spirits, although the power and depth of understanding of most modern Magicians are very far from the required level.
I would like to note the difference between the Seal as an image, the Seal as an object and the Seal as a force. What we see in the books is just an image, a sigil, which, nevertheless, has a realizing power. The original Seal Item has this power to a much greater extent, and the Keeper embodies its very Principle.

It is clear that considering the totality of 72 Names of Geniuses as Shemhamforash, the magicians hoped to gain absolute power. Therefore, the Keepers of the Seals were exposed to dangers not only from the "Demons", but also, to a greater extent, from the megalomaniac magicians.

The first 72 Guardians, having taken their Seals, dispersed all over the world, and lost all contact with each other. This was done deliberately for security purposes, to avoid the possibility of access to other Guardians through any of them, since combining the power of several seals could do as much harm as good.
Of course, each Keeper, being the bearer of the Tourbillion of his Seal, felt the general condition of the other seals, but this feeling was vague and did not give full confidence.

Since it was the Guardian who was the true embodiment of the Power of the Seal, and the Seal itself was only the anchor point of the corresponding tourbillion, the loss or destruction of the Seal is possible only in the event of the premature death of the Guardian, who has not found a worthy Successor.

Over the centuries, this has happened not infrequently.

According to the magicians of the Golden Dawn, by the end of the 19th century there were only 14 Guardians, and after the Second World War their number was reduced to 9. According to the same source, the minimum number of Guardians capable of maintaining the strength of the boundaries of the Universe is 3. They say that today there are 7 of them. Will there be an end to the world with a further reduction in the number of Guardians?

Unlikely. But the fact that with the death of each Line of Guardians the world loses another drop of Magic, Strength and Marvel at the mystery of the universe is absolutely certain. The world loses unpredictability, becomes linear, one-dimensional, and, in fact, false. Isn't it worse than "The End of the World"?
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