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Enmerkar's books are not entertaining reading and should be studied seriously and thoughtfully. The position of the author is that Knowledge requires effort for its assimilation. Only what is obtained by one's own efforts is of real value and real help on the Path.
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Enlightened Matrices
Tantric Buddhism Through the Eyes of a Western Magician
50 $
The book continues the series about "Applied Theurgy" - methods of activating the Higher Matrices of Consciousness, used in various Traditions and systems.
The author of the book is a practicing magician of the Western Tradition, for whom, however, Buddhist theory and practice is one of the extremely effective approaches to the "purification", development and transcendence of consciousness.
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Master's Heart is a recommendation service
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The idea of ​​creating such a service came to us during one of the "Crosses for the Power" that Enmerkar has been conducting since 1998. The fact is that in our opinion, "modern esotericism" has become entangled in commerce and thereby lost the "crystal thread" leading Travelers through Infinity. Most esoteric stores are driven by the conditions dictated by the market and therefore offer "what they buy" and not what really has the Power. And almost all publishers of esoteric literature are forced (again due to market conditions) to publish "popular esoteric" and "light reading of decorative spirituality."

The Sacredness of the Path began to be lost. Our idea is to create a service that will be very careful in the selection and recommendation of esoteric goods (mainly books and amulets). And rely in their actions on the experience of tradition and its living bearer, as well as on the voices of our hearts. We do not pretend to be true, but we want to create a cozy "house for those who go and seek." Come visit us and you might like it. And perhaps you will be able to hear the Force knocking at your door.
About Enmerkar
Enmerkar has been practicing Magic since 1989. He passed traditional training in the system of the European Hermetic tradition, as well as in the Slavic pagan Lineage. The main specialization of Enmerkar is the so-called "Inner goetia" - a system of consciousness therapy based on traditional ideas about constructive and destructive matrices that govern both personal and impersonal levels of consciousness.

Enmerkar's blog: www.enmerkar.com
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